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Chairman's Message

In recent years, the importance of infrastructure for the sustained economic development and improvement of living standards of the population has well been recognized. Yet, millions of people across the rural demography lack access to roads, transport, electricity, safe drinking water, proper sanitation, and communication facilities. Inadequate and inefficient infrastructure not only increases cost of living but also prevents economies from realizing their full potential.

The annual growth rate of most developing economies, which was in the range of 6 to 9 percent in the last decade, has declined sharply in recent years. To continue the sustained growth, most notably in developing economies, there is a dire need to introduce and accelerate new initiatives and strategies in infrastructure management.

As the Chairman of the Group of Companies, I believe in establishing a policy framework to rigorously evaluate the sustainability of the infrastructure across planning, design, construction, and operation and maintenance to optimise the already constrained resources by reducing waste, and costs. Such a move will benefit stakeholders across the spectrum right from asset owners to infrastructure development and management companies, and ultimately asset users.

We have therefore designed and developed our services and solutions that are proven to be innovative, sustainable, and value for money. With a proven track record of success in complex and difficult environments, our group provides expertise in planning, design, and management to provide reliable and sustainable solutions that fulfil the unique needs of each country and scale along with its growth needs.

The world is undergoing a major transition with a majority population migrating to urban areas. Rapid urbanisation has led to increased congestion on roads, increased demand for water, sewerage, sanitation, education and health infrastructure thus increased demand for investment.

Indian cities, with rapid urbanisation, are no exception to this trend. The environment, social and economic impact of this shift is significant and will only continue to grow in future. New approaches have to be adopted to address these issues and to scale fast enough to effectively provide infrastructure to a rapidly growing community. A strong domain expertise in urban infrastructure and service delivery is being developed focussing on smart city development, city development planning, detailed project report preparation, real estate and housing development and policy and institutional design for providing efficient urban services and managing the public utilities.

Our technical expertise in remote sensing and GIS has driven the group to enter into the arena of mining and mineral exploration. The mining industry is a major hub of activity, which contributes significantly to developing economies. We are using advanced remote sensing techniques to explore new mining zones and mineral explorations by reducing operational costs and hazardous environmental practices, hence doing our bit to contribute towards sustainable environmental protection.

Considering the absence of integrated forward and backward linkages in agro infrastructure, our Group has decided to enter into, and promote agro infrastructure to tap into the unrealised potential of rural communities. Our objective is to provide adequate infrastructure facilities for food processing throughout the value chain from farm to market that meet environmental, safety and social standards. This will include creation of infrastructure near farm, transportation, logistics and centralised processing centres. The expected outcome is increased realisation for farmers, creation of high quality rural processing infrastructure, reduction in wastage, capacity building of the producers and processors and creation of an efficient supply chain along with significant direct and indirect employment generation.

Currently, our group has presence in over 70 countries. The future is bright and sunny and I am sure, with the backing of a strong board, and our exuberant workforce; we as a team will become a leading infrastructure group in the years to come.

  1. Team Work: We colossally believe in team work, both with colleagues and clients.
  2. Mutual Growth: We endeavour to grow along with our clients and also provide adequate opportunities to our employees to grow with us.
  3. Ethical: We encourage our staff to conduct themselves with highest integrity and ethics while working with internal and external stakeholders.
  4. Transparency: We encourage our staff to be genuine and transparent in actions and communications related to all our operations thus providing a trusted environment to our Clients.
  5. Innovation: We constantly pursue newer avenues, processes, products, services and management practices to get better each day.
  6. Customer First: We put our customers' interest ahead of ours. We strive to provide the best possible solutions to our clients that ultimately result in greater business outcomes.
  7. Respect: We treat our clients and other stakeholders with utmost respect in the same vein as how we want to be respected by others.
  8. Sustainability: We follow sustainable business practices which optimise the utilisation of resources without compromising on time or quality of products and services.