Services → Engineering Design & Management

Engineering Design & Management

From inception to commercial operations, SATRA can successfully assist in design and development. SATRA focuses on technical soundness, cost effectiveness, meeting environmental and social requirements and finally ease and rapidity of construction for each project. With set quality guidelines and procedures, strict project management and contract management techniques, SATRA maintains high standards in execution of projects. SATRA is a leader in providing services such as successful pre-bid assistance, value engineering design and construction supervision to PPP projects. SATRA is a thought leader in state-of-the-art techniques being adopted globally for design, maintenance and supervision.

Highway Planning and Detailed Engineering Design

  1. Alignment selection
  2. Traffic studies and analysis
  3. Techno-economic feasibility studies
  4. Road safety audits
  5. Highway investigations and design
  6. Pavement investigations and design
  7. Bridges and structural investigations and design
  8. Geotechnical investigations and design
  9. Project costing and bid documents
  10. Procurement assistance

PPP/BOT Projects

  1. Project conceptualisation (Swiss Challenge method)
  2. Pre-tender engineering and revenue assessment studies
  3. BOT design and value engineering
  4. Design review and optimisation
  5. Lenders engineering services
  6. Independent engineering services

Highway Construction and Supervision

  1. Design review and quality assurance services
  2. Construction supervision
  3. Project management services

Highway Maintenance

  1. Pavement evaluation studies
  2. Maintenance design on life cycle cost (LCC) analysis
  3. Rehabilitation strategies and maintenance supervision

Services → Asset Management

Asset Management

Our discipline of managing infrastructure assets that underpin an economy, such as roads, water supply, wastewater, stormwater, hydrology and flood management, power supply, recreational and other assets. In the past, these assets have typically been owned and managed by local or central government. With the growing trend of private investment in the physical infrastructure sector the thrust is not only placed on increased asset creation but also on overall management throughout its life cycle. We take pride for offering full range of asset management services.

Strategic Asset Management

  1. Strategic management planning, audit and review quality framework (SMART)
  2. Strategic asset management (SAM) and AMP integration
  3. Strategic asset and facility management
  4. Risk analysis and management criticality analysis

Asset and Total Activity Management Planning

  1. Asset, activity and facility management plans
  2. Optimised decision making (ODM) framework and tools
  3. Forward works programmes (FWP) and strategies
  4. Network maintenance and management plans
  5. Business management processes and mapping
  6. Service standards and LOS options
  7. AM performance benchmarking

Asset Information and Management Systems

  1. GIS based asset register
  2. Highway asset management system
  3. Bridge information and management system
  4. Maintenance management system
  5. Right of way information system (GIS based)
  6. Asset valuation and depreciation system
  7. Optimal decision making system
  8. Flood information and management system
  9. Social and environmental information system
  10. Traffic information system (GIS based)
  11. Accident information system (GIS based)
  12. Risk management system
  13. Building asset management system
  14. Airports pavement management system

Data Collection and Information Management

  1. Network level asset data collection
  2. Data collection using advanced and automated methods
  3. LiDAR data collection and analysis
  4. Mobile mapping system

Services → Urban Infrastructure

Urban Infrastructure

Our urban sector division has strong domain expertise in urban planning and development, GIS applications, preparation of city development plans, real estate and housing development, detailed project report preparation, PPP, policy and institutional design for providing efficient urban services and managing the public utilities, and design and implementation of state-wide reforms. We also have expertise in formulating sector policies, engage in sector restructuring, structure projects based on the public-private partnership (PPP) model, and plan infrastructure development. Our urban experts work closely with the Federal Government, State Governments and multilateral funding agencies in transforming the reform process to make it transparent, objective, and open to private sector participation.

Master Planning

  1. Land-use plans
  2. Zoning plans
  3. Infrastructure planning
  4. Transportation plans
  5. Traffic management / circulation plans
  6. Utility plans

Urban Planning

  1. Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  2. Remote-sensing planning
  3. City / Regional development plans
  4. City / Regional mobility plans
  5. City investment plans
  6. Local area plans

Detailed Engineering & Design

  1. Alignment planning and finalisation
  2. Surveys (topological, traffic, resistivity etc.)
  3. Inventory and condition surveys
  4. Investigations (geo-technical, hydrological, sub-surface, etc.)
  5. Network design
  6. Preliminary and detailed engineering design

Municipal Reforms

  1. Corporate business plans for urban local bodies
  2. Urban-rural linkage analysis
  3. Decentralisation planning
  4. E-Governance
  5. Property tax reforms
  6. GIS implementation

Advisory and Privatisation Studies

  1. Pre-feasibility studies
  2. Market research
  3. Benchmarking studies
  4. Demand analysis
  5. Baseline surveys
  6. Competitive positioning

Public Finance and Resource Mobilization

  1. Economic and financial management
  2. Municipal finance and administration
  3. Medium-term expenditure assessment

Knowledge Transfer and Training

  1. Development of training programme
  2. Training needs analysis
  3. Conducting seminars
  4. On-the-Job training
  5. Procurement of training materials and equipment
  6. Curricula development

Services → Info Management

Info Management

SATRA aims to provide highest quality data and information management solutions that properly manage the full data lifecycle needs of an agency with stratum of development and execution of architecture, policies, practices, and procedures. From the outset, our strength is the process of gathering, modelling and transforming data with the goal of producing required data, highlighting useful information, suggesting conclusions and supporting decision making.

Data Collection and Information Management

  1. Asset inventory and condition data collection
  2. Data audit, analysis and improvement plans
  3. Pavement data collection using ROMDAS system
  4. Roughness measurement and calibration surveys
  5. Video logging and GPS surveys
  6. High speed transverse profile surveys

Economic, Financial and Risk Analysis

  1. Techno-economic evaluation
  2. Financial and risk analysis
  3. Financial planning & management
  4. Project financial management system

Services → Capacity Building

Capacity Building

Capacity building is an on-going process through which individuals, groups, organizations and society enhance their ability to identify and meet development challenges. Our role is to strengthen the organization in various terms and facilitate training. This is partially accomplished by providing resources and training but is most effectively done with a long term partnership creating a symbiosis.

Institutional Development and Capacity Building

  1. Institutional review & audit
  2. Resource policy & training needs
  3. Legal / administrative framework
  4. Capacity building and capability mapping
  5. Technology transfer

Research and Development

  1. Long-term pavement performance studies
  2. Pavement and asset deterioration monitoring

Services → GIS Services

GIS Services

Our GIS division is fast growing in the discipline of Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and IT Application Development and Services. It is a process driven division with well-defined processes and software delivery methodologies. The division has well organised functional teams with distinct process areas of business analysis, software development, design, testing, software support, quality assurance, project management and portfolio management.

We have extensive experience and domain expertise in designing, developing, configuring, and integrating business solutions for the public sector and local governments. We build complex business systems that are web-enabled, multi-tiered and enterprise business systems that can integrate into the existing IT infrastructure. With our unparalleled experience and expertise in GIS, our range of services and solutions include spatial integration of application design and development, enterprise applications, IT systems architecture, support services, database services, business intelligence and data warehousing, among others.

  1. Power utility (Power transmission and distribution)
  2. Telecom utility (planning and design)
  3. Land Information Systems (LIS)
  4. Municipal and urban applications
  5. Environmental management
  6. Natural resource management and forest applications
  7. Mines and mineral exploration
  8. Surveying and Photogrammetry
  9. Satellite data processing

GIS Profile Download PDF

Services → Power Sector

Power Sector

To accelerate socio economic development of rural areas and pursue the larger objective of sustainable growth, reducing AT and C losses in Power Distribution and Transmission is the key. With this objective in mind, SATRA offers the best technical services in this vertical. Our team, consisting of the industry experts and GIS professionals offers world class solutions to the power utility sector.

  1. DGPS survey of transmission lines
  2. GPS survey and consumer indexing
  3. AutoCAD / SLD drawing
  4. Load analysis using CYMDIST/NEPLAN
  5. BOQ preparation
  6. Revised distribution/transmission layouts

Services → Environmental Sustainability

Environmental Sustainability

At SATRA, we enable governments and corporate clients to plan for effective environmental and sustainability outcomes. We support them in all aspects of environmental planning and sustainability, from regulatory compliance to green buildings. Our key focus is on energy efficiency, solid and hazardous waste management, fecal sludge management, environmental and energy management systems, LEED building certification, rain water harvesting, impact assessment studies and environmental monitoring.

  1. EIA and environmental clearance
  2. Environmental audit and risk assessment
  3. SIA and R&R plans
  4. Solid / Hazardous / Bio-medical waste management
  5. Disaster management
  6. Bio-diversity studies
  7. EMP and RAP
  8. Ground water remediation
  9. Obtaining carbon credits
  10. Environmental engineering and planning

Services → Social Planning and Safeguard

Social Planning and Safeguard

The primary objective of this division is “to protect the right of fair compensation and transparency” in land acquisition, rehabilitation and resettlement and other community development programmes. To that end, we provide well-planned and coordinated processes including appreciation, field survey, independent assessment, public hearing and community consultations complying with the related national laws and also on operational policies and guidelines of international development agencies such as the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, African Development Bank among other funding agencies. We place high emphasis in detailing the rights of the project affected population as spelt out in the national and international resettlement policy papers.

  1. Determination of lands proposed for acquisition
  2. Social impact assessment of affected families
  3. Socio-economic profile of the population with amenities
  4. Consultations with stakeholders and community, pre and post project execution period
  5. Preparation of rehabilitation and resettlement plans
  6. Planning for community development programmes
  7. Assistance in implementing CSR agenda